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"I am delighted to be able to offer complimentary virtual skincare consultations. We carry a fantastic range of medical-grade skin care products including Universkin, Obagi, ZO Skin Health, Dr Levy and elenzia which we can prescribe and organise home delivery for my patients."

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Dr Rita Collection

Dr Rita's signature skincare range has been specifically developed to maintain good skin health on a daily basis. The range fights the first signs of ageing by targeting each layer of the skin to thoroughly hydrate the whole face and introduces an affordable clinically proven integrated mix of products that work to achieve brighter and healthier skin. It includes light weight non-oily hydrators and skin revitalising serums to stimulate collagen and elastin, whilst helping skin to repair and renew more rapidly, as well as the award-winning and celeb favourite 'Protect' - an SPF50 tinted moistueriser for ultimate sun protection.



Dr Rita is delighted to work closely with Universkin to offer the latest in bespoke skincare. Redefine your beauty with Universkin skincare by Dr Rita - your personalised solution. Complete a complimentary virtual skin analysis and the advanced AI tools and Dr Rita will prescribe the perfect formula for your own skin concerns.

Aethern Advanced Beauty Program

Aethern® Advanced Skin Beauty Program is a unique daily drinkable blend that in a single shot gives you all the nutrients you need to enhance your skin’s radiance, hydration, firmness and protection. FDA Approved and clincally proven, this collagen based supplement is the secret to flawless skin - Buy online at the Dr Rita Rakus Shop Now.

Dr Levy

Utilising innovative stem cell research, Dr Levy's products are uniquely formulated to combat the signs of ageing. The range is like a time machine for your skin as the products give your skin’s stem cells a wake-up call.

The Intense Skin Cell Line includes a Booster Cream & Serum, an Enriched Booster and an Eye Booster Concentrate. All containing the revolutionary patented ArganCellActiv® complex, a combination of 10 ultra potent anti-aging & hydrating molecules.


OBAGI MEDICAL provides unrivalled skin health by creating transformational changes in skin function at a cellular level to rejuvenate the skin and correct the signs of ageing. It is the #1 physician dispensed skincare brand in the world and consists of high quality, targeted, potent topical products, which when used together as a system results in substantial skin improvements: truly healthy, more radiant skin at any age.

The Obagi treatment systems focus on the treatment of specific common skin conditions, such as sun damage, dull skin, fine lines, acne and pigmentation, creating a balanced skin tone, increasing the skin's own ability to generate moisture, modulating oil production and increasing the skin's tolerance to external factors.

ZO Skin Health

Developed by Dr Zein Obagi, MD, the range features products and regimes that will create and maintain healthy skin for life by improving the skin’s natural functions. The dynamic bond between science and skin health is the essence of ZO Skin Health, Inc.

The ZO Skin Health range is designed for use at home under the direction of a trained specialist or medical professional. Regular use of the results-orientated skin regimes can achieve remarkable results even on difficult skin conditions.


Specially designed patches to rejuvenate and refresh the under eye area & crows feet lines.

Radara® is a novel anti-ageing regimen using unique micro-channelling patches and high purity hyaluronic acid (HA) serum to repair, rejuvenate and replenish the eye area, diminishing wrinkles and restoring skin quality for a radiant, refreshed appearance.

The one-month Radara regimen is designed to fit seamlessly with your existing skincare routine giving a fast, easy and effective regime from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Aq Skin Solutions

AQ Skin Solutions’ products are formulated with patented growth factor technology designed to rejuvenate skin, hair follicles and vaginal walls. Results have shown effective improvement in skin texture, acne, lightening hyper-pigmented skin, reducing scar tissues and fine lines by stimulating the skin to produce new collagen formation, thus revealing a fresher, younger, and more healthy looking skin.


Aging provokes complex changes on the skin that have already been described by current science. Through a decade of medical research, Endor Technologies ® have developed a full skincare collection for the face and body to deeply improve wrinkles, skin firmness, lack of luminosity, body shape and the appearance of cellulite.

Dr Rakus is delighted to be the UK Ambassador for this fantastic range of products.


Thoclor's GF2 Skin Rejuvenation formulation works to reverse environmental damage on your skin, normalising skin-cell function and offering you natural skin rejuvenation with continuous use. HOCl also has powerful disinfection properties. In tests it has been shown to be 80 – 100 times more effective against viruses than bleach chlorine and it is completely safe.