Revolutionary new laser treatment for facial rejuvenation, scarring, stretch marks & lip enhancement

  • Dr Rita Rakus Clinic is the first in UK to offer this brand new treatment
  • Fantastic results with little to no recovery time and minimal discomfort
  • 2 treatments required over 6 weeks period

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Facial Rejuventaion & Pigmentation

ProDeep® offers superior results for treating wrinkles, lines and laugh lines and pigmentation on all skin types, with little or no recovery time and results seen from the very first session.

ProDeep can also be used very effectively to volumize and enhance the lips, improving the colour and overall strcture of the lips, as well as target the whole lip area, reducing the vertical lines 'smokers' lines around the lips.



A latest-generation treatment that delivers precise and controlled LASER energy to act on the collagen matrix – it is effective on various types of scars including acne, injury and surgery.


stretch marks

ProDeep® offers a LASER treatment solution for the undesired stretch marks that almost all women have. The procedure can be done on various parts of the body.