Revolutionary new laser treatment for facial rejuvenation, scarring & stretch marks

  • Dr Rita Rakus Clinic is the first in UK to offer this brand new treatment
  • Fantastic results with little to no recovery time and minimal discomfort
  • 2 treatments required over 6 weeks period

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Facial Rejuventaion & Pigmentation

ProDeep® offers superior results for treating wrinkles, lines and laugh lines and pigmentation on all skin types, with little or no recovery time and results seen from the very first session.



A latest-generation treatment that delivers precise and controlled LASER energy to act on the collagen matrix – it is effective on various types of scars including acne, injury and surgery.


stretch marks

ProDeep® offers a LASER treatment solution for the undesired stretch marks that almost all women have. The procedure can be done on various parts of the body.