Lip Fillers


  • Have you always wished your lips were plumper?
  • Are your lips losing definition, thinning or drooping with age?

Dr Rita Rakus, known as the 'London Lip Queen', is renowned world-wide for her beautiful, subtle and natural looking lip filler treatments. We can give you the luscious celebrity lips you've always dreamed of.

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Our approach to lip enhancement & lip fillers

At the Dr Rakus clinic we aim to achieve a subtle effect for your lips so they look natural. Before treatment we offer a complimentary consultation with Dr Rakus, where we will discuss a patient's medical history (eg. history of cold sores), and always spend time discussing the desired effect and encourage clients to bring along old photographs of themselves. Lips need to suit your face and strengthening the top lip with subtle enhancement can improve the overall appearance of the lower part of the face. For a good treatment we may need to treat the area around the mouth too.

needle-less Alternatives

In addition to the traditional lip filler injections, Dr Rakus is now using new technologies to offer a needless alternative and help get the best possible results for her patients. These include Perk, as well as using the new ProDeep laser and the ADVATx laser to rejuvenate, enhance and volumise the lips, improving also their colour and their overall structure, as well as the minimally invasive Endolift treatment to target the area around the lips, reducing smokers and other fine lines and promoting collagen production.

why Dr Rakus is known as the london lip queen


The treatment is quick, lasting just a few minutes. An anaesthetic is applied to the relevant area before the gel is injected, so for those new to this treatment, the process is uncomfortable rather than painful. Usually there is minimal downtime required, but if it is your first treatment we recommend that you find a quiet time in your diary as swelling after treatment can sometimes last for 2-3 days.

At the clinic we use the latest proven, natural hyaluronic gel fillers, which can always be dissolved.

We offer a number of other treatments at the clinic that can work well alongside lip injections to perfect your smile and rejuvenate your face. Visit our Profhilo page or our Anti-Wrinkle Injections page to find out more.

Here's what Melissa Gibson of the Sunday Times had to say about Dr Rakus...

"Only my closest friends noticed the difference in the size of my lip, but I've never had so many people tell me I look well, and I do feel that my features are more balanced.

Some would call it the ultimate vanity, but I call it [money] very well spent."

About Dr Rakus

Dr Rita Rakus MBBS FBACD FBCAM is a multi award-winning practitioner in the field of Cosmetic Medicine, widely known in the media as the 'London Lip Queen'. With over 25 years experience she is an internationally renowned expert and appears regularly in the media. She has an international celebrity following and regularly travels all over the world to treat patients, attend seminars and visit cutting edge practices to keep ahead of the latest technology and techniques.

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