Dr Rita is delighted to introduce Aethern® Advanced Skin Beauty Program - A unique daily drinkable blend that in a single shot gives you all the nutrients you need to enhance your skin’s radiance, hydration, firmness and protection.

Aethern’s unique proprietary FDA Approved formula is comprised of 14 essential nutrients, including the most natural and potent liquid collagen, that work synergistically, increasing the power of the whole product to provide unparalleled results. Formulated after an extensive study, Aethern’s research team carefully chose the highest quality ingredients with maximum absorption in mind. The formulation places a special emphasis on critical vitamins and micronutrients, which play a vital role in cell regeneration and protection, to deliver beauty from within.

The Aethern 28 day program is the first of its kind and is clinically proven to promote naturally hydrated, firm, and radiant skin in just 12 weeks. After just a week of taking Aethern® you’ll notice more hydrated and revitalised skin, and after 28 days of continuously taking this nutraceutical you will start to notice the benefits of protection, with an improvement in skin tone and also a firmer skin.

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