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The Non-Surgical Fat Removal Treatment That Really Works

The Non-Surgical Fat Removal Treatment That Really Works

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Published: 24/Oct/2019

The Non-Surgical Fat Removal Treatment That Really Works

If you’re looking to shift stubborn fat – the type that doesn’t budge through diet and exercise – a ground-breaking new procedure could be your solution. Promising permanent fat reduction in as little as 30 minutes, Vanquish is FDA-approved and non-invasive, meaning it’s less painful than similar treatments. Keen to find out more?

Vanquish Uses Radiofrequency Energy For Best Results

The treatment specifically targets fat cells to break them down quickly and effectively, leaving surrounding tissues untouched. A thin, three-panelled applicator creates a half-moon shape to treat the area by radiating magnetic waves, without ever touching the skin. Once the fat cells are targeted by the radiofrequency energy (essentially, heated up), they will gradually collapse and be dispersed by the lymphatic system. Some practices recommended you follow up with a lymphatic drainage treatment to accelerate the process, but this isn’t always necessary.

It’s Less Painful Than Other Fat-Reduction Treatments

Unlike CoolSculpting and other invasive procedures, Vanquish relies on heat to melt fat and zap cells. At most, you’ll feel a warm sensation that, if anything, is quite satisfying and never feels painful. In fact, it’s been dubbed a ‘warm blanket’. Vanquish uses non-surgical body contouring technology; it’s contactless, pain-free and can treat a large area of the body at the same time – for example, the entire abdomen, back or upper thighs.

There Is No Downtime

Because it’s non-invasive and contactless, there is no downtime and you can go back to whatever you were doing straight away. You may get some inflammation of the fat – it will feel firm or tender – but this is temporary, and rare. Depending on the individual and the area being treated, improvements can be seen after the first treatment. However, the final assessment is to be done after a course of four treatments, with each one seven to ten days apart.

The Treatment Works All Over

While the device works on the abdomen, love handles and the thighs, you’ll definitely see the best results over your abs. Don’t be disheartened if you don’t see a big impact immediately. While the results can be appreciated within weeks, the improvement is usually gradual, and it’s worth noting that those with more fat to lose will see a speedier effect than anyone with a BMI within normal range.

Hydration Is Key Prior To Your Treatment

One thing everyone should know pre-treatment is the importance of hydration. Our bodies are 70% water; given Vanquish is getting rid of your unwanted fat, a portion of your body’s hydration levels will go along with it. So make sure you take a good glug both before and after the procedure. This will help you avoid headaches too.

Results Last Longer With Your Input

Once you kill the fat cells, they’re gone. But this doesn’t mean you can then give up exercise and continue with the junk food. The cells that surround the fat reduction still exist and can get bigger, so make sure you maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle post-treatment to really reap the benefits and see the best results.

It’s An Investment, But A Worthwhile One

At face value, prices starting from £1,800 for four treatments can be off-putting. But, if you’re looking for a pain-free option with lasting, visible results, the price tag might not seem so hefty. Depending on your individual needs, you may require fewer sessions, reducing the cost overall.

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