Incredible non-invasive contactless fat reduction system.

Dr Rita Rakus says:
"VANQUISH offers a revolutionary non-invasive form of treatment for the reshaping of targeted fat deposits. VANQUISH treatments can postpone or eliminate the need for invasive surgery particularly for patients with mild to moderate fat deposits and who may not be candidates for lipoplasty."

Are you one of the many adults who have been exercising to get rid of extra baggage you have been lugging around your midsection? Maybe you can‘t seem to lose those last few stubborn pounds? You may have looked into liposuction or another body contouring treatment, but found it to be too invasive or too expensive?

It is now easier than ever to remove your fat with BTL Vanquish, a new, non-invasive technology available today.

How does Vanquish work?

Vanquish is a contactless device to emit electromagnetic energy to generate heat only in subcutaneous adipose tissue.

The Vanquish Treatment

Vanquish is ideally made up of four half an hour sessions ideally spaced a week apart. It has very little downtime. Results are typically seen at two weeks with the end point at three months after the fourth treatment.

What are the Vanquish advantages?

  • A proven system for advanced body shaping and skin tightening.
  • The largest treatment area in the industry.
  • No Anesthesia or pain medication required
  • Unsurpassed ease of use.
  • Consistent & measureable results.
  • Pain-free treatment with no downtime.
  • No costly consumables.
  • Needs only 4 short focused sessions of 30 minutes per area.

Who is this procedure right for?

BTL Vanquish treatments are safe for all healthy patients who want to take control of their core and improve the problem areas when exercise and diet have failed. This is an option for those who desire aesthetic improvement without the cost and recovery time of surgery.

How many treatments do I need ?

The recommended amount of treatments is between 3 to 5 sessions over the course of a few weeks. Treatments are usually scheduled 7 to 10 days apart and patients have reported results as soon as a few days.

What kind of results can I expect ?

Results may vary from patient to patient depending on many factors. Measurable waist reduction is common. For best results it is recommended to practice light to moderate exercise, such as walking, along with following a healthy diet and drinking plenty of water.