It is always very rewarding when our clients let us know what they thought of the service they received at our clinic and how happy they were with their treatments. We thought it would be helpful to share a selection of their comments to help you decide about having a treatment with us.

Disclaimer: Testimonials are based on the personal experiences of our patients. Results may vary from person to person.

I couldn't wait to try the MiraDry treatment as I have always suffered with Hyperhidrosis and after trying every deodorant on the market to no avail and injections which helped for a while but wasn't permanent. Three weeks after my 1st treatment and the difference is fantastic, the only time I sweat (just a little now) is when I exercise. For just a few days of swelling, very little bruising and no pain MiraDry has worked wonders.*
I went out for lunch with my cousin one week after my last Thermage treatment. She and I had not had a "relaxed get together" for years and she said "I have noticed how wonderful your neck & jowl area is Jeanie for years, what have you been doing????" I confessed about my Thermage treatments at Dunham Consulting with Dr Rakus!!!! She said she had noticed it for years (when we met fleetingly at the family weddings/funerals), but never found the right intimate moment to ask! It is these kind of incidents that I find the most profound about having a Thermage treatment!*
Were you pleased with the treatment? I recently tried Pelleve treatment with Dr Rakus and was really thrilled with the results - the treatment, which lasted about 40 minutes, worked in a way that no facial ever could. I immediately noticed a subtle 'lift' in my face, especially around my eye area, and since the treatment I feel I look more awake and alive. For best results a course of three treatments are recommended and I will be going back for more. For the last 8 years I have been Health and Beauty Director at Tatler magazine and I have tried everything under the sun. Pelleve really stood out and I trust Dr Rakus as she always delivers results.*
Olivia Falcon, UK

Here's what Olivia Falcon, UK, had to say about Dr. Rita on WhatClinic.com "Pelleve"

I visited your Hans Road clinic at the end of December and again on 11th January for muscle relaxing injections. I am very happy with the emerging results and would also like to commend your staff for the professional yet caring way I was treated and I will definitely be contacting your office to repeat the procedure in a couple of months time. It may be that the next time I come in I have more areas treated!*
Were you pleased with the treatment? The treatment went very well. Dr Rakus is brilliant, so efficient and quick and the results are always excellent, very natural. I feel very safe in her hands. Customer service is excellent, all the staff are friendly, they take great care of you afterwards. The clinic itself is very comfortable, welcoming & extremely convenient across the road from Harrods. Quite expensive if you are having filler, but quite reasonable if only muscle relaxing injections.*
June R

Here's what June R had to say about Dr. Rita Rakus on WhatClinic.com

Hi - I am Tatyana from the Ukraine. I would like to thank Dr Rita for her beautiful work she is doing. I prefer to come and see Dr Rita for the treatments she provides in her clinic, because of her highest level of skill and professionalism, but the main thing is the result which is always so perfect. I always feel and look better, younger and feel happier. I am so happy to be a client of Dr Rita – I feel very safe in her hands and she has a very keen eye. She always knows what I want!*
My experience at Dr Rakus’s clinic was fantastic. The staff made me feel very comfortable and really took good care of me. The service was excellent and all the staff are incredibly friendly. Dr Rakus talked me through the procedure and put me at ease. The products I have purchased in the past (Obagi CRX) have been great and friends regularly comment on how good my skin looks.*
Dr Rakus works in moments to transform facial features subtly and gently for a rejuvenated and natural result. An overall warm, personable yet professional and efficient experience at the clinic – just perfect.*
So happy I’ve finally found the best clinic in town. Dr Rita Rakus fully deserves her London Lip Queen crown. I recently had my first lip filler treatment with Dr Rakus and in all the years I’ve been having the treatment it’s the first time I’ve never had any bruising and I am so happy with the result too. Dr Rakus herself is lovely as are all of her staff at the clinic. Can’t recommend highly enough.*
I have known Dr Rakus for 13 years – I heard about her on BBC television. Since then I have come to the clinic as one of her patients and I leave as a friend. I feel really at home, confident and very highly satisfield. Thank you Dr Rakus and all her staff.*
Superb from start to finish. Wonderful treatments, pleasant well-informed staff. Truly a pleasure.*
Dr Rita Rakus Clinic is amazing. Dr Rakus for me is the best. All her staff are so professional and very highly educated. People come here from different parts of the world and all of them leave the clinic happy.*
Excellent, professional, ultra-hygienic and consistent results. Wonderful clinic and staff.*
After giving birth to my daughter (now 5) I noticed that my pelvic floor muscles noticeably slackened which means I had less control. It meant that taking my daughter to do her favourite activity, trampolining, was always a source of anxiety. When I needed the bathroom, I needed it then and there; this wasn’t the case pre-baby. It’s something I’ve lived with for years and it was always something people said you should accept when you’re a mum but I don’t agree. I didn’t want to be a slave to the toilet-dash anymore. I was introduced to the Emsella Chair at the Dr Rita Rakus’ clinic and I had high hopes. I was relieved to hear it was a non invasive, quick and painless course of treatments which didn’t even require de-robing. I booked in for just six treatments, each lasting less than 30 minutes, two days apart and all I had to do was sit in a comfy chair and read my book! The sessions proved to be quite a welcome break from my busy day. The chair sends an intense pulse into the knicker-gusset area, in waves, over the course of the treatment and it’s a very manageable though odd sensation. There was no downtime or discomfort during or afterwards. After each session there was a noticeable improvement with my ability to control my urge to go to the bathroom and by the end of the course I felt like a new woman. If I perform a pelvic floor exercise now i notice the strength I now have. My confidence has gone through the roof and I feel so much freer and positive in my daily activities. Emsella has positively changed my life! Yes, I now have top-notch bladder control and the freedom to go with it. My enjoyment of life has improved and I’m not at all anxious about the toilet-dash anymore. It simply doesn’t happen! But, don’t forget what else the pelvic floor controls...my sensitivity and enjoyment levels during sex have gone through the roof. Not a bad additional benefit is it?! This treatment is a woman’s best friend, it’s a no-brainer, do it!!!!
K, 37, London