Professor Philip Schoettle

Leading Knee Specialist & Regenerative Stem Cell Expert

Prof. Schoettle is regarded worldwide as one of the leading physicians in regenerative medicine and the use of stem cell therapy to support the natural processes of your body in the treatment of injuries, degenerative and chronic diseases. Prof. Dr. med. Philip Schoettle and his team know exactly how injuries and diseases can affect your quality of life and use the most advanced treatments not only to restore your body function but also your metabolism perfectly and to help you to a less painful and better life.

Prof. Dr. med. Schoettle is an internationally recognized orthopaedic surgeon, knee specialist, life science pioneer and stem cell specialist in Munich. During his clinical career, he has devoted himself intensively to knee joint diseases and injuries. He gained his clinical and scientific experience at the university clinics of Munich, Paris, Zurich and during his fellowship in the field of knee surgery at the Charité Berlin. From 2005 to 2006, he conducted research at the Research Center for Musculoskeletal Surgery at the Charité Berlin on the subject of “Pressure and Kinematics under Application of Actual Forces in the Stable, Unstable and Reconstructed Patellofemoral Joint”. He wrote his PhD thesis and therefore received the Professors degree about this subject at the age of 35, thus changing and shaping the treatment of patella diseases internationally. In this context, he also defined the “Schoettle Point”, a term named after him and noted in orthopaedic textbooks internationally.

Subsequently, he was head of the Knee Surgery Section of the Sports Orthopaedics department at Technical University hospital of Munich, and senior partner at the Bethanien orthopaedic group in Zurich, before he became chairman of trauma and orthopaedic surgery at ISAR Clinic in Munich, until May 2017, when he opened up his own private exclusive orthopaedic institute in the heart of Munich.

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