Telegraph Magazine 11th January 2020

The ageing gracefullys vs the ‘Insta crowd’: Rise of the generation-gap face

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Publication: Telegraph Magazine

Published: 11/Jan/2020

The ageing gracefullys vs the ‘Insta crowd’: Rise of the generation-gap face

While 50-somethings are looking fresh-faced and glowing, younger, social media-obsessed women are turning to procedures originally designed for those twice their age. Annabel Jones reports...

Face-lifting Energy Forces

Devices using LED, radiofrequency ultrasound have been a runaway success in the past two years as the technology has improved and the methods become more targeted. ‘Energy devices are the future,’ insists Dr Galyna Selezneva at the Rita Rakus London clinic. ‘They can do what Botox and filler can – without distorting your facial features or having to endure needles – by tightening, lifting and thickening the skin naturally.’ Dr Selezneva is known for her face- and body-sculpting using the latest devices. ‘We lose collagen, which is what gives our skin its bounce and firmness, from our 20s onwards. With these devices, we can heat up the lower levels of the skin where the collagen is produced, which sends a minor-injury signalling to the fibroblasts to kick into repair mode by producing more collagen. In the end, your skin begins to act – and look – like it did when it was younger.'

Whereas radiofrequency is a generalised form of thermal energy that is often combined with facials to provide additional firming benefits, particularly on the lower face, it requires a course of between three and six treatments to deliver the best results, which will continue to develop months after you leave the doctor’s chair.”