Tatler Online 8 April 2019

Biggest Cosmetic Surgery Trends in 2019

Article Type: Online

Publication: Tatler.com

Published: 08/Apr/2019

These are the biggest cosmetic surgery trends for 2019

Francesca White reports on the latest innovations from AMWC, Monaco’s glitziest aesthetics conference

Innovative Body Sculpting

According to research performed by Allergan, 71 per cent of women agree that feeling strong is more important than being skinny - cue a raft of new devices that aim not just to de-bulk bodies, but to restore muscular definition..... Hot on its heels is BTL Emsculpt (the device heralded for its ability to lift bottoms and define redundant abs) which just announced a new set of applicators. These small, curved ‘paddles’ emit the same magnetic muscle induction as the original model, enabling the treatment of smaller areas such as the inner thighs, calves, triceps and biceps. Four sessions, a minimum of two days apart, are said to noticeably increase muscle mass and reduce fat. They launch this month at Dr Rita Rakus’s London clinic.

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