Tatler Online 20th March 2019

Cosmetic Treatments On Trial

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Publication: Tatler Online

Published: 20/Mar/2019

Cosmetic treatments on trial

Beauty may only be skin deep – but what astounding skin it will be after these techniques and treatment



The lowdown: EMSCULPT is the newest toy to come out of the BTL Aesthetics portfolio, and it’s got aestheticians excited everywhere. For here is a new way to sculpt abs and lift bottoms – and it doesn’t involve burning heat or icy cold. Instead, EMSCULPT uses magnetic muscle induction to target the abdomen or the glutes and cause them to contract (it was developed for use by physiotherapists). Better still, the heat generated from the magnetic energy works to break down fat stores, revealing muscular definition. First, the device (which looks like a hand-held steamer) is securely positioned on the area to be treated by means of a soft black belt. There’s a sudden whirring noise (it sounds like the purring of a motorbike) – and the sensation begins. The involuntary muscular contractions feel bizarre (but not uncomfortable) and they say it’s the equivalent of doing 20,000 crunches (or squats) in 30 minutes. Fortunately, the treatment is carried out lying down so you can distract yourself with your phone.

Pain factor: Discomfort is the wrong word – it’s more an intense contraction feeling exactly like a sit-up, done properly. Deep breathing helps as the current gets stronger (the intensity starts at two per cent and can be dialled up to 100 per cent) – and there’s an intermittent ‘tapping’ mode that relaxes the muscles between blasts.

Downtime: You’ll feel like you’ve done a serious workout, but there’s no discolouration or bruising. In fact, so unremarkable is the treated area that you could slink down to Knightsbridge in a crop top and no one would bat an eyelid.

Results: Rather spectacular. Tummies start to show definition almost immediately (it’s particularly ] [effective on male abs), while bottoms look noticeably pert. One treatment gives instant gratification; however, a course of four to six sessions, every 48 hours, gives results that will last until summer.

Details £850 per session; £3,000 for a course. With Dr Rita Rakus at Rita Rakus Clinic, 34 Hans Road, SW3 (020 7460 7324)