Tatler Beauty & Cosmetic Surgery Guide 2019

Beauty & Cosmetic Surgery Guide 2019

Article Type: Press, Online

Publication: Tatler

Published: 01/Mar/2019

Francesca White writes:

“Choosing your surgeon is the first hurdle. It's not like finding a hairdresser or someone to make you do burpees in the park: your relationship with the person who wields a needle or knife is one built on shared goals, mutual understanding and, above all, trust. You will sit in front of this person and you will tell them your most intimate concerns; you will work with them to re-establish a sense of self (and, possibly, self-esteem).

This person will be by your side when you are at your most vulnerable, and they will be there when it's all over. So make sure they're your person - and always choose someone who is on the Specialist Register of the General Medical Council (GMC). Our definitive guide to the very best cosmetic surgeons and doctors in the UK will help you to do exactly that.

Top Doctors:

Lips: Dr Rita Rakus
25 years in business, and Rakus shows no signs of slowing. The 'London Lip Queen' has more than 20,000 treatments to her name, and she's in constant pursuit of newer, more avant-garde ways to perfect her patients' pouts. Her latest launch, The Big Smile, promises exactly that, and combines ultrasound (it lifts the depressor muscles that cause a downward-turned month) with the Perk, a tingly treatment that plumps the lips naturally. Dor something slightly punchier, there is the just-launced Dr Levy Super Face Lift. It combines Dr Levy's signature Nefertiti Lift (Botox injected strategically to support the lower face and sharpen the jawline) with ultrasound to firm the underlying muscles before a final blitz of radiofrequency tightens slack skin. When she's not dreaming up new products, such as the at-home Lip Wand, which will use radiofrequency to smooth fine lines and which is in the pipeline, or launching clinics around the world (Capri palace, the Fairmont in Dubai and the soon-to-launch 44 Grosvenor Square all offer her signature top-to-toe rejuvenation), she's injecting lips - but subtly and with responsibility. 'Long-term prevention of fine lines and volume loss is key,' she says. 'It's not just about making the lips bigger, but making them look better, too.' Consultation complimentary; The Big Smile, from £495; Dr Levy Super Face Lift, from £1,200; lip filler from £495. (drritarakus.co.uk; 02074607324)

Bodies: Dr Galyna Selezneva
Yes, she's wildly glamorous, with a penchant for Giambattista Valli pencil skirts, but Selezneva is more emphathetic than you might initially think. The psychiatrist-turned-cosmetic-doctor discovered a love for machines after her own significant weight loss, so not only has she tried every body-sculpting device on the market (and therefore knows what works and what doesn't), she can also deliver a diagnosis in a way that feels conversational. Her mile-a-minute stories are a useful distraction as your abs convulse during a session of EMsculpt (a powerful, muscle-toning current; just four stints and you'll see definition), and her bubbly persona means even the most intimate issues can be discussed with ease (she might recommend some UltraFemme radiofrequency tightening or EMsella - a 'chair' that emits electromagnetic energy to strengthen the pelvic floor; sitting on it for 30 minutes is the equivalent of 20,000 kegel exercises). New to her armoury is the Cristal fat-freezing device, which is fitted with the smallest applicators, so even fiddly areas such as upper arms and calves can be precisely sculpted. 'There's less pain, less downtime - better still, I can adjust the time and temperature so it's completely bespoke' she says. You'll be itching to get into your bikini when she's done! Consultation, complimentary; EMsculpt, from £850; EMsella, from £2,000 to £2,500 per six treatments; Cristal, from £895.

Good Clinic Guide: Dr Rita Rakus Clinic
Dr Rita Rakus may have the swishest premises in Knightsbridge, but her clinic might also be the most forward-thinking. She's always the first to launch a new machine, and she has some heavyweight industry names working alongside her too (creator of the Nefertiti Lift, Dr Philip Levy; stem-cell expert, Dr Kambiz Golchin). Pick up her excellent SPF on your way out - Melissa Odabash swears by it.