Everything you need to know about EMsculpt

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Publication: Sheerluxe

Published: 12/Sep/2019

Approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), EMSculpt claims to do the equivalent for you of 20,000 sit-ups in 30 minutes. Like any cosmetic procedure, it comes with a host of questions, particularly around its effectiveness and safety. We’ve broken down how it works and what you should know before trying it…

What Is EMSculpt?

More a body-honing device than a fat-loss tool, EMSculpt uses magnetic muscle induction technology to tighten and tone. This affects the muscle in a way that you can’t during regular exercise. For example, when you squat, typically only 50% of your muscle group is activated; EMSculpt claims to turn on 100% of the muscle in the course of a 30-minute session. Dr Rita Rakus, who offers the treatment at her clinic, says patients typically use it to tone their abs or give their bum a lift, with no surgery and minimal downtime. EMSculpt’s electromagnetic energy causes muscles to contract, creating more definition. It boosts existing workouts as it strengthens weak muscles that haven’t been injured or just not used in a while.

Who Is The Ideal Candidate?

As it’s less of a fat-reducing treatment and more of a toner, experts say it works better on those who are already slim and just looking to tone up their abs or glutes while defining hard-to-target areas. Rita advises that fat should be below 7cm for optimum results. If you’re unsure whether EMSculpt or CoolSculpt is best, focus on your goal. The latter is for those more concerned about getting rid of fat fast; while EMSculpt helps with minimal fat loss, it’s never going to shift large areas of excess weight.

What Areas Of The Body Does It Work Best On?

The device is approved for use on the tummy and bum – that’s often where it yields the best results. There are also smaller attachments for sculpting the arms (biceps and triceps), calves and thighs.

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