Elle April 2019

Never Have I Ever.....Lip Fillers

Never Have I Ever

Article Type: Press

Publication: Elle

Published: 01/Apr/2019

Never Have I Ever.....

We sent team Elle to trial the treatments on everyone’s lips (and faces and bodies…) to find out if they’re really worth the hype.

THE TREATMENT Lip fillers: injectables to increase the volume of lips.

HOW ARE THE NERVES? Thanks to spending my teens in the Noughties, I’ve always favoured lips like my brows – no wider than a pencil. But watching Kylie Jenner’s financially enhanced puberty unfold made me wonder what fillers could do for me. I’m excited.

WHAT DOES IT FEEL LIKE? After having numbing cream slopped across my mouth, the aesthetician applies six very short, sharp injections of Princess Filler. It’s all over in around 3O seconds.

HOW MUCH PAIN FOR THE GAIN? 5/1O – if you’ve ever had the hair on your private parts callously ripped from its roots, then this will be a walk in the park. Beware if you’re super-squeamish, though – there is some (quite squirty) blood.

WHAT ARE THE IMMEDIATE RESULTS? After an ice pack and an antiseptic wipe I leave the clinic, puckering up to unsuspecting strangers. The only giveaway is a little (temporary) lump on the left side, where extra filler was added to even my mouth out.

WHAT ARE THE LASTING RESULTS AND HOW DO YOU FEEL? The results are subtle: it still looks like my mouth, just plumped – like a fresh pillow. More ‘new lipstick?’ than ‘what’ve you done to your face?’. Unnecessary? Extravagant? Definitely, but it made me feel fantastic.

From £485 by Dr Rita Rakus; drritarakus.co.uk