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The Happy Chair

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Publication: Blowout Magazine

Published: 02/Jul/2019

The Happy Chair

Finally there is a new treatment which promises to tighten your pelvic floor, putting an end to those embarrassing leaky moments some of us experience when we sneeze, jump or laugh.

- Just 30 minutes twice a week for 3 weeks

- A single session brings thousands of pelvic floor muscle contractions

- Results continue to improve 4 weeks after last treatment

- Results should last if you keep fit

There gets a to a point in a woman’s life where you’ve been doing your kegels religiously for days and months on end but still there doesn’t seem to be any improvement in your pelvic floor - and lets face it, we all know that it’s not going to get any better, only the opposite. Now some women’s weak pelvic floor can be weakened from childbirth, body ageing and menopause and a weak pelvic floor sadly equals incontinence – which no one wants.

So what if I told you there was a magic chair (known as the happy chair at Dr Rita Rakus clinic, yes, and they coined it that as the muscles it contracts can feel similar to an orgasm for some women) and all you had to do was sit on this magic chair for 30 minutes twice a week for 3 weeks and those leaky days can be a thing of the past? Oh, and I forgot to mention that some women have experienced better sex after completing the course. I knew that would prick your ears up!

Its all pretty straight forward, you sit on a vibrating chair fully clothed which utilizes High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic technology to stimulate and restore the deep pelvic floor muscles. After my course I defiantly noticed a difference not only in my pelvic floor but also in my stomach as of course that whole area is connected. I’d highly recommend it for anyone, not just women with issues, but as a preventative treatment for problems in later life.

I’m now ready for my Jump class!

Treatment: Emsella

Where: Global Ambassador Dr Rita Rakus, 34 Hans Rd, London, SW3 1RW


Results: 9/10

Words by Kylie Olsson