Karim Chubin

Certified Naturopath & Clinical Nutritionist

Karim Chubin is a US- and German-trained, Certified Naturopath and Clinical Nutritionist at the forefront of integrative medicine and anti-ageing wellness solutions. He specializes in mind-body nutrition and functional medicine, but is better known for empowering his patients to “get the glow.”


Who are Karim’s patients? Through years of research and clinical practice, Karim has developed a cutting-edge, naturopathic toolbox of “smart health” diagnostic and treatment methods. His approach eschews the intensive dieting regimens of the past because the rigidity of dieting, Karim explains, creates emotional turmoil and systemic stress. It’s a self-defeating paradigm, and the antithesis of his holistic “emotional wellness” approach to healing. Karim’s patients enjoy life-changing results, including:

  • Enhanced, sustainable beauty (beauty from within)
  • Optimum vitality
  • Effective stress management
  • Balancing hormones naturally
  • Libido enhancement
  • Emotional wellness

Karim’s elite clientele includes families, world-class athletes, distinguished professionals, royalty, and even an astronaut-to-be.


As a leading expert on “the nutrition of emotions,” Karim deeply understands the mechanisms by which our emotions influence our health. His groundbreaking diagnostic methodology, which includes advanced laboratory testing and other quantitative and qualitative assessments, sets the stage for each patient’s lifestyle-wellness program.

These lifestyle-wellness programs are unique and person-specific. They include sophisticated nutritional and herbal formulas, designed for each individual patient and manufactured by one of Europe’s premiere holistic pharmacies.

Karim is a periodic visiting practitioner at the Rita Rakus Clinic, while also maintaining offices in Paris, Geneva, and Moscow (he fluently speaks English, French, and Russian). At his head office in Paris, Karim works with Dr. Claude Dalle, the world-famous anti-ageing medical doctor. For select patients, Dr. Dalle and Karim synergistically fuse their combined knowledge and experience to create next-level anti-ageing wellness programs.


The Rita Rakus Clinic offers a remarkable array of industry-leading beauty and anti-ageing treatments. Karim’s inside-out approach to beauty compliments these treatments, thus enabling even better results. With or without combined treatments, Karim’s advanced anti-ageing and beauty-enhancing wellness programs will empower you to “get the glow.”

You’ll feel the results while seeing them in the mirror, but besides these subjective outcomes, you’ll also enjoy objective results – hard data as reflected in follow-up laboratory testing. As Karim always says, “ageing is optional.” So to find out more about his groundbreaking work and how it can quite literally change your life, book an appointment with Karim today.