An advanced and enhanced non-surgical facelift & skin tightening procedure - next step from Morpheus8

Two of the most important doctors in the cosmetic industry, Dr Rita Rakus and Dr John Curran are delighted to be among the first in the field to introduce Intracel in the UK. This non-invasive treatment utilises a new radio frequency technique to smooth wrinkles, and tighten and lift the skin, defining next-level anti-ageing results, dubbed the radio frequency facelift.

Radio frequency current is one of the best non-invasive tighteners available and the well-established technique works effectively to push electrical currents through the skin. However Intracel is different as it utilises FRFM (Fractional Radio Frequency Microneedle) Technology™, a unique system to deliver electrical current actually into your skin for a radically enhanced effect.

WHAT IS 'FRM' technology and how does it work?
FRM Technology™ is a unique technique to treat targeted areas of the skin through the fast penetration of a specially designed compound of tiny insulated microneedles, without damaging the epidermis. On contact with the skin, the device works to heal, while simultaneously emitting a high-tensioned radio frequency pulse on the target tissue inside the skin.

How does Intracel differ from other radio frequency treatments?

The Intracel delivery system is unique by pushing electrical currents into the skin rather than through it, allowing for deeper penetration without damaging the epidermis. In addition the radio frequency energy from Intracel produces enough thermal energy to denaturalise the cell, and destroy the causes of acne, acne bacteria, and sebaceous glands.

Are there any side effects from an Intracel treatment?

You may experience some mild discomfort during the treatment, which a pharmacy painkiller taken an hour before should ease. In comparison, waxing is far more painful. There may be subtle swelling, redness and bruising post treatment but this typically disappears within 2 to 24 hours, and you can be back in your make-up the day after treatment.

How long does an Intracel treatment take?

The procedure takes about 30 minutes per area.

What areas of the face are most commonly treated?

Intracel can be performed on pretty much anybody to treat the skin on the face. Dr Rita Rakus has seen especially effective results from Intracel on the cheeks, jaw line, lip lines and the brow. Intracel is an efficacious solution for skin rejuvenation, facial lifting, large pores, acne and acne scars by selective treatment on various depths of skin.