ELOS / IPL / Syneron

Skin Rejuvenation & Hair Removal

AURORA and POLARIS treatments by SYNERON

Several benefits, broad spectrum solution

Aurora and Polaris, the first total-care aesthetic treatment workstations available, meet the multi-application challenge. They provide a compact, easy to use solution for the broadest range of applications, including skin rejuvenation and hair removal.

The revolutionary ELOS™ technology behind Aurora and Polaris utilise a unique combination of electric energy (conducted RF) and optical energy (diode laser or light, depending on the application), with controlled external cooling. It maximises the synergy of the two energies and also maximises RF utilisation, ensuring unmatched safety, efficacy and patient comfort in the treatment of multiple aesthetic medical challenges.

ELOS™- Solid science means solid results

Optical Energy

  • Skin rejuvenation (leg vein and vascular / pigmented lesion treatment)

Electrical Energy (Conducted RF)

  • Can be focused on deep dermis, connective tissue or hair follicle without impacting the epidermis
  • Selectively heats blood vessels or hair follicle and bulge, while minimising the effect on pigmented structure due to lower level of optical energy
  • In acne treatment, infra red and RF energies reduce sebaceous gland activity
  • Provides treatment feedback
  • Totally controllable

ELOS™ Technology

  • Treatment depth 20%-30% higher than light
  • Fully controllable treatment effect
  • Skin rejuvenation