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Thinking about Getting Lip Fillers? Here's What You Need to Know, First

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Published: 26/Feb/2019

Thinking about Getting Lip Fillers? Here's What You Need to Know, First

Of the £3.6 billion UK cosmetic surgery industry, £2.75 billion comes from fillers and Botox

By Claudia Canavan

First off, there's a big difference between the rules and regs around Botox versus fillers.

'Botox is a prescription-only medicine,' says Dr Rita Rakus, of The Dr Rita Rakus Clinic, Knightsbridge. 'So, unless you’re a doctor or under a doctor’s supervision, you can’t administer it. Beauty therapists can buy Botox on the internet, but unless they are medically trained, they cannot legally administer it. 'This is not to say that there aren't some rogue practitioners out there, hawking Botox. Needless to say, stay away and report anyone practising illegally to the authorities.

'We have to be careful,' says Dr Rakus. 'Both Botox and lip fillers can be very dangerous – there have been lots of cases of blindness relating to fillers, people can experience severe swelling, disfigurement, and if you get an allergic reaction, there's a possibility you can die.'

'Make sure they are certified and a member of a professional organisation with a highly regarded reputation,' says Dr Rakus. 'I would also recommend using only those who have been practising in the field for over five years to ensure they are experienced and can maintain a large client base.”

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