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Lip Fillers with Dr Rita Rakus

Lip fillers with Dr Rita Rakus

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Publication: West London Living

Published: 05/May/2017

Lip fillers with Dr Rita Rakus

Posted by Jasmine Birger on May 5, 2017

The blurb

Located in London’s Knightsbridge, opposite Harrods, Dr Rita Rakus’ practice is one of the world’s leading cosmetic clinics, with award-winning expertise in the fields of lip enhancement, facial rejuvenation and body contouring. The clinic has established an enviable reputation as a centre for excellence in medical aesthetics and as the clinic of choice for pioneering techniques and cosmetic treatments.

Over 20 years Dr Rakus has built up an extensive international client base and celebrity following who turn to her to make them look their best. As a renowned authority in her field Dr Rakus is seen regularly on our screens and in the pages of magazines. She has appeared in Under the Knife (ITV), Plastic Fantastic (BBC), Lunch-Hour Facelift (C4), Celebrity Fat Club (ITV) and 10 Years Younger(C4). She is regularly mentioned in articles in Tatler, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Grazia and Hello and features in major international newspapers.

Dr Rakus has won numerous awards, including the title ‘The London Lip Queen’. Her approach is customer-focused, spending time before treatment to make sure the customer has explained the desired effect, a perfectly natural full lip—to which end she often requests old photographs of clients to ascertain their original look.

The process:

After filling in a comprehensive consultation form, Dr Rita’s assistant covered my lips in anesthetic and left me to read in front of a roaring fire for around twenty minutes. Once the cream had kicked in I was ushered through to meet the lip queen herself. A few quick jabs and I was done, iced up, and out—all in under half an hour.

Almost pain-free, there was minimal bruising and even though I’d requested more filler than I’d ever had with previous lip doctors, there were no telltale bulges or signs of ducklip.

The results

My lips look fuller than ever, but all the while natural and even