Telegraph Magazine Jan19

Paris or bust

Article Type: Press

Publication: Telegraph Magazine

Published: 26/Jan/2019

“Paris or bust: Lessons from the French in décolletage maintenance"

Beauty Columnist, Celia Walden, with excerpts reading:

Anyone who has spent as long as I have wandering around Parisian pharmacies will know that our ageless French counterparts are obsessed with two things: intestinal flora and firm busts. Firm busts are worthy of excessive attention – and yet we Brits tend to ignore that whole area.

Because of our changing shape and skin elasticity levels over the years, through pregnancy and weight loss and everything in between, they deserve special attention, argues cosmetic doctor Rita Rakus. ‘The décolletage is so often neglected, yet this is one of the biggest telltale signs of age, since the skin on our chest area is very thin and sensitive,’ she explains.

The rise in women booking into her Knightsbridge clinic either for ‘non-invasive Fraxel’ (a skin resurfacing laser technology that can repair sun damage or eradicate pigmentation) or Ultracel (another highly effective non-surgical tightening and lifting treatment) is reassuring.”