Tatler Beauty & Cosmetic Surgery Guide 2016

Best for Lips - Dr Rita Rakus

Best for Lips 2016

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Publication: Tatler



Best For Lips

Queen of the beestung pout, Dr Rakus has an instinctive, almost intuitive manner. Surprisingly, though, it’s not just about injecting the lips: she might add a dash of filler where you apply your blusher to lift a downturned mouth, or do a shot at the tip of the Cupid’s bow to even out a sloping lip line. ‘Watching someone as they talk and smile is important,’ she says. Her Hans Road clinic is a hive of activity (it’s had a facelift too), and she’s abuzz about her new Princess line of fillers, which blends her 30 years of lip-perfecting expertise with pharmaceutical know-how (the result? A softer product that causes minimal swelling so there’s less downtime). Keep up the good work in between appointments by booking in for a Hydra Facial (her innovative ‘lip tip’ smoother prevents crêpiness) and facial yoga (stretching exercises for your face, which she advises to strengthen the muscles). Otherwise swipe one of her new Lip Plumpers on your way out – it contains capsicum extract to make things look kissable.