The Sun 6 November 2016

'THEY USE IT ALL' Weekly laser therapy, skin tightening treatments and plenty of Botox… London’s Lip Queen Rita Rakus on what it REALLY takes to look like a celebrity!

What it REALLY takes to look like a celebrity

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Publication: The Sun

Published: 06/Nov/2016

Dr Rita Rakus is known as London's Lip Queen and she's lifted the lid on A-list treatments.

It’s easy to think celebrities come from a whole other gene pool which is why they always look so good. Turns out there’s a lot of other stuff going on too though...

Dr Rita Rakus, or the London Lip Queen as she’s known, has treated some of the biggest names in the business during her 4o-year career. Among the people who have come to her clinic are Jason Gardiner and Nancy Dell’olio, plus she treats everyday people too. So how do celebs manage to look so polished all of the time? Well, it takes A LOT of work.

“The big stars tend to be a lot more preventive, start early and have a lot of our treatments a lot more regularly,” Rita explained.“They all look quite natural because it’s not just Botox and filler – the machines have advanced dramatically.

“The ones that tighten your face, reshape your body, get rid of pigmentation. The stars tend to have a lot of that. Where a normal person might have it every two years, they have it every six months.“Combination treatments for the face and body – I don’t think they’re so aware than people have so much of it.
“For example you might have a lip filler and Botox, but the stars really look after their skin. They will have laser, stem cell booster creams, more skin tightening that normal, regular facials. The average person has one or two treatments, the stars have everything. And it’s the same with their bodies. They will reshape with cool sculpting, they will have weekly laser and skin tightening treatments, they’ll be on various nutrition. They just use everything all the time.”

Of course, all those procedures can lead to some people going a little too far.
“It’s almost like a treatment anorexia,” Rita said.
“You know when people don’t realise they’re anorexic and they get thinner and thinner? They’re not seeing reality, they’re seeing what they’re seeing. Sometimes I have to send people away if they’re just wanting too big lips and they can’t see it. The same as with the Botox.
“We do a lot of that counselling, especially with young girls who come in and want to have their lips done and they’re just not ready.”

When Rita first came on the scene she was treating a lot of “ladies who lunched”, but now that’s changed.
More and more business men and women are coming to see her for a freshen up, and everyday people are fans too.

“One of my favourite patients is a cleaner and she saves up all year for Botox,” Rita smiled.
“She says, ‘Look, my job is very competitive and I’m 60, I’ve got to look good.’”

The type of treatments she’s asked for have altered too, with people more concerned about looking natural these days.
That’s led to Rita offering “emotional Botox” at her clinic in London, which doesn’t affect the smile or eyes and means people can still use their faces.

Before you start booking a treatment though, Rita warns it’s not a decision to be taken lightly.
“Sometimes just to have a shot of Botox or a tiny bit of filler you think it’s really easy, but believe me it can go terribly wrong,” she said.
“I’ve got patients that come in and they’ve had a bad treatment somewhere five years ago and their face has been ruined.
“You do have to be careful even though it seems like everyone’s having Botox and it just takes a minute.”