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By Royal Appoinment

By Royal Appointment

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By ROYAL appointment

Her reputation as the lip doctor has earned Dr Rita Rakus the title of London Lip Queen. Thanks to her subtle, light-as-a-feather approach, her London clinic has become the go-to for beauty editors and celebrities alike, all looking for head-to-toe perfection...


rejuvenation, there’s one name on our lips: Dr Rita Rakus. While best known for her ability to create the perfect, pretty pout, Dr Rakus also has a loyal A-list following who turn to her to help them achieve total body perfection.

Dr Rakus and her highly experienced team have established her Knightsbridge clinic as one of London’s top body-contouring clinics. And for good reason. Want a bikini-ready figure? No problem. Using ground-breaking treatments like Cellulaze (laser treatment for cellulite), Exilis (FDA approved for cellulite), Total FX Laser (C02 laser), BodyJet (water- assisted liposuction), Vanquish (non-touch radio-frequency fat removal for the abdomen) and Aqualyx (fat-dissolving injections), Dr Rakus can achieve outstanding, permanent results.

Dr Rakus' London clinic also offers the latest fat-removal treatments, CoolSculpt and SculpSure, which can re-shape and tone in less than one hour. Goodbye bingo wings and sad knees - in your lunch break! Dr Rakus also offers the Jeisys UltraCel treatment. This non-invasive procedure improves and lightens both face and body skin by stimulating collagen production via radio frequency (CFR), microneedling (FRM) and ultrasound (FUS) - and is tailored to suit an individual’s needs. The best bit? Virtually no downtime.

And you can be safe in the knowledge that Dr Rakus is an award-winning doctor she is recognised as a leader in treatments such as Thermage, Ulthera, and Fraxel and last year, her name was added to the prestigious Wall of Honour at the Royal Society of Medicine in London, in recognition of her expertise.

The key to Dr Rakus’- work the true beauty behind the high-tech treatments and procedures - is that she enhances and transforms with a subtle eye, so you can be a more beautiful version of yourself. And who doesn’t want that?