MINE - Spring 2016


Best for: Tightening skin from top to toe

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Best for: Tightening skin from top to toe

If you’re guilty of partying all night and sunbathing all day but you want innocent-looking skin, you need to know about the Jeysys Ultracel (from £1,990 per area), a new machine from South Korea that uses a clever combination of anti-ageing technologies to rejuvenate your skin at every level. The machine has different heads that can be rotated for targeted treatments: there's radio frequency skin tightening (to smooth creepy eyes), micro-needling with radio frequency (to treat wrinkles and shrink pores), and a deep ultrasound setting that contracts the layer of tissue usually lifted in a face-lift, so you get a natural lift without the harsh wind-tunnel effect.

Pain vs gain

The ultrasound feels more intense (a warm sensation combined with a dull ache as the muscles contract) around bony areas, like the collarbone and chin. None of the treatments require any downtime except the micro-needling, which leaves one a bit red for about a week.

Plan of action

Ultracel delivers instant results that get even better over three months as the collagen continues to build.

Who to see: Dr Rita Rakus