Mail Online - 16th November

The Ultimate Guide To Anti-Aeging Part 4: 'Y-lift' fillers by Dr Kambiz Golchin at the Dr Rakus Clinic

The Ultimate Guide to Anti-Aeging: Part 4

Article Type: Online

Publication: Mail Online

Published: 16/Nov/2016

Banish double chins in a flash - no knife required!

The perfect chin


Said to be the nearest thing to a surgical facelift without scalpels or stitches, the Y-lift involves hyaluronic acid injections along the jawline to restore lost volume. Facial plastic surgeon Dr Kambiz Golchin, who pioneered the procedure, believes the best results when using fillers come from taking a bespoke approach. His ‘Y-lift’ is designed to plump up the middle section of the face to smooth and lift the jaw line.

How it feels: After examining my increasingly gaunt 53-year-old face, Dr Golchin injected filler using a soft cannula (like a needle, but with a blunt end) into the sides of my face in front of my ears and at my temples, which acts to lift sagging skin further down the face.

He then injected into the crease of my chin to smooth out the shadow and improve shape, and cleverly filled in the jowly triangular hollows at the jawline either side of my mouth, caused mostly by loss of fat and bone because of age. It’s pretty painless and, a few pin-pricks aside, I’m good to go afterwards.

The results: I’m thrilled. I look less gaunt, my jowls are much improved and my face has a more youthful oval shape. I think it’s taken years off me, yet looks completely natural. Sadly the fillers start to dissolve after about 12 to 18 months.

Ouch factor: 3/10.

Effectiveness: 9/10.

Time taken: 40 minutes.

Where: Dr Kambiz Golchin operates at Dr Rita Rakus’s Clinic, 34 Hans Road, Knightsbridge, London SW3 1RW.