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Problem: Double Chin

Problem: Double Chin

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Publication: Harley Street Emporium

Published: 13/Mar/2017

Dr Rita Rakus, who has a clinic in Knightsbridge, London, and is a founder member of the British College of Aesthetic Medicine, recommends CoolSculpting for chubby chins.

“This procedure freezes fat cells and dissolves them permanently within a period of the next three months,” she says.

But she always warns patients that they must watch their weight afterwards as they will still gain in other areas in exactly the same way as they did before. “It might not go back under their chin but could end up somewhere else … like their bum,” she says.

Dr Rakus says sometimes patients are left with loose skin after the fat has dissolved but she says this can be treated with radiofrequency or ultrasound treatments like Ultherapy.

“CoolSculpting takes 35 minutes and on the whole is a very comfortable procedure, but it is not a weight reduction treatment and should not be carried out if you are seriously obese as you would not notice any noticeable reduction,” she adds.