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Can you really freeze your fat? The body sculpting treatments to know about this summer

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Published: 04/Jun/2019

Can you really freeze your fat? The body sculpting treatments to know about this summer

From freezing to radio frequency, new surgery-free technologies are revolutionising the aesthetic industry. But do they really work? Georgia Chambers talks to experts to find out more...

It's the end of May, tights season is officially over and many of us will be trying our best for the beach.

Hitting the gym twice a day isn't for everyone, so it's not surprising many are turning to alternative methods to help shift the pounds in the run-up to their summer holidays.

Across the UK, dozens of cosmetic surgery clinics now offer non-surgical fat-reducing treatments that promise a toned and sculpted body without having to go under the knife.

These treatments use a variety of technologies to eliminate unwanted fat and are typically described as "non-invasive" as they don't involve cutting into the skin. They also require little to no downtime and can be performed without local anaesthetic. What's more, the sessions are so quick that you can book an appointment during your lunch break.

Sound too good to be true? The Standard consulted with plastic surgeons and cosmeticians to get the low down on whether these non-surgical treatments actually work - and what you should think about before trying them.


Are there any side effects? Who should avoid EMSculpt?

Dr Rita Rakus is a world-leading cosmetic doctor, with over 25 years' experience within the aesthetic industry and offers EMSculpt treatments from her clinic in Knightsbridge.

She says that whilst initial sessions can feel "intense," the sensation is similar to a rigorous workout. You can lay down and relax during treatment and there is no residual pain or downtime.

"But there are restrictions on people who we wouldn't recommend EMSculpt to," she added. "For example, anyone who has metal in their bodies, such as a woman with a copper IUD coil, as the metal will interfere with the technology. Also anyone with muscular conditions or epilepsy."

Dr Rakus advises EMSculpt is not intended for those who are seriously overweight.

She said: "If they start with over 7cms of fat we would recommend that they have a fat reduction treatment first. Once the fat has been reduced below 7cms, EMSculpt can work to its maximum capacity to burn fat and target and tone the muscles."