Daily Mail 7 October 2018

Electric muscle zapper as good as 20,000 sit-ups...sceptical? Just look at what it's done to one woman's tummy!

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Publication: Daily Mail

Published: 07/Oct/2018

Electric muscle zapper as good as 20,000 sit-ups...sceptical? Just look at what it's done to one woman's tummy!

  • Breakthrough medical device launched in a number of UK clinics this week
  • The device, EMsculpt can cause over ten muscle contradictions a second
  • It's the first non-invasive treatment to target both the muscles and fat layer


It is, unarguably, the Holy Grail of slimming: a treatment that promises to deliver a toned, taut stomach and a pert bottom, without the hardship of endless dieting and a punishing exercise plan. Now a breakthrough medical device, which mimics the effect of 20,000 sit-ups in one 30-minute session, is promising to do just that. The EMsculpt, launched this week in a number of UK clinics, is a non-invasive therapy that simultaneously hones and tones midriffs and buttocks by blasting the body with high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) energy....

.....Cosmetic expert Dr Rita Rakus, who has a clinic in London (drritarakus.co.uk), called the technology a game-changer. ‘We have one machine at the moment and it’s going day and night. We’ve had to open for longer on Saturdays to cope with demand,’ she said. ‘As well as helping people who are after a six-pack, we’ve found it is really good for those who have a bad back and so find core exercises difficult. And we’ve found that by improving muscle tone, bad-back symptoms are reduced after a few sessions.

‘Women who are unhappy with their stomachs after having a baby have seen great results, too.’

Grandmother-of-seven Tiffany Suchard had the EMsculpt treatment at Dr Rakus’s clinic last month. The businesswoman – who preferred not to reveal her age but admits she modelled with Twiggy in the 1960s – says: ‘I like to keep in shape by doing classes at the gym, but I’m not very good at stomach exercises because they hurt my back. I was happy with my figure, but I felt my midriff could do with some TLC. ‘The treatment isn’t painful, but it is intense. I’ve tried those Slendertone stomach gadgets that make your muscle twitch, and it’s mild enough that you can wear it while doing other things. This is the same feeling but you do have to lie down as the contractions are strong. ‘After two sessions I am amazed with the results. It looks as if I’m holding in my stomach, but I’m not.’........