Daily Mail 17 November 2016

Cheat your way to luscious legs and the quickest ways to drop a dress size: The ultimate guide to anti-ageing.

Cheat your way to luscious legs and the quickest ways to drop a dress size

Article Type: Press, Online

Publication: Daily Mail

Published: 17/Nov/2016

Today, in the final part of our definitive guide to looking fabulous for life, is everything you need to know about anti-ageing your body.

From a toned tummy and perfect legs to reversing the tell-tale signs of time on your hands, our writers have put the latest treatments to the test. Here they reveal what really works . . .


SculpSure is the newest device to treat the sort of recalcitrant fat that doesn’t respond easily to diet and exercise. It uses laser energy to heat up fat cells beneath the skin to between 42C and 47C and effectively evaporate them without damaging the skin above or the muscle beneath.

HOW IT FEELS: A belt holding the laser-emitting diodes is fitted onto my flanks. The pads then heat up alarmingly; a bit like lying too close to a hot water bottle. For the next 25 minutes the treatment cycles between the burning hot phase for 45 seconds, followed by the blissful and too-short cooling phase of 25 seconds. It lasts for only 25 minutes but I’ve had enough by then. My flanks are a bit sore and swollen for a few days.

THE RESULTS: It takes three months to see full results, but already after one month my jeans are definitely looser. I’m well on track to shed the expected 25 per cent of the fat in the zapped area.



WHERE: Dr Rita Rakus, 34 Hans Road, London SW3 1RW, drritarakus.com, from £250 per diode.